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Welcome to Year 4 & Godrevy Class


Hannah Trinder


Support Staff

Becki Brush Jayne Jones

Lacey Isaacs

Donna Ayres Lou Frame Lou Potts

Year 4/Godrevy Class Teaching Team.

In the mornings, we are a Year 4 class of 25 children taught by Mrs Trinder and Mr Newman (Friday morning). Our class TA is Becki, with support from Lacey and Donna. We are also supported by Jayne, Donna, Lou P and Lou F who work 1:1 with members of the class.

In the afternoons, we become Godrevy a mix of Year 3 & 4 children taught by Mrs Trinder for four days and on a Friday afternoon, the class are split up into groups across Key Stage 2 to take part in Curriculum Carousel. This half term we have PE on a Tuesday with Plymouth Argyle.

This term...

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Spring Term Newsletter

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  Godrevy Newsletter

 Spelling Exemplar


Spellings are no longer being sent home in the traditional manner. Instead, the class will work on five spellings one week and a single rule or letter string the following week with a short, random test administered on Fridays.

We will be starting at the beginning of Mr Smith's Spelling document. All rules (and letter strings) can be found within the Spelling Exemplar document above.

Focus Five

There are 100 statutory words children in years three and four should know how to spell. You can download a full list here.

Every other week, we will work on five of these in class (and hopefully at home, too).


                                                                  Kerr Mackie Primary School on X: "Y3 Alder achieved 99.3% attendance last  week! Congratulations, Miss Boyne will be delighted! Keep up the good  attendance!" / X

Date POW Virtue  
2nd February Oliver T Positivity Arianna
26th January Sophia Positivity Emlyn
19th January Lottie Hope Austin
12th January Phoebe Hope Charlie
15th December Anna Thoughtfulness Stanley
8th December Tiah Thoughtfulness Scarlet
1st December Ted Thoughtfulness Ronan
24th November Austen T Consideration Emie
17th November Ellie W Consideration William M
10th November Isla  Manners Bodhi
2nd November Bertie SL Manners Sofia
19th October Sam Respect William T
12th October Charlotte Respect Elsie F
5th October Tiah Respect Molly H
29th September Evie B Kindness Stan
22nd September Lyra Kindness Daisy
15th September Molly Kindness Raffy



           How the Romans conquered Britain? - Roman Britain

This term we will be finding out who the Romans were and where they came from. We will find out about Julius Caesar and Emperor Claudius. We will explore the mark that the Romans left on Britain that is still visible today.

GEOGRAPHY - Our European Neighbours

Europe. | Library of Congress

This term we are finding out about our European Neighbours. Locating countries on a map, recognising flags and identifying major capital cities within Europe.


                              Classroom News | Ms. Harris, 2nd Grade

Friday 2nd February 2024
This week we have been looking at how to multiply 3 numbers, recognising that multiplication can be done in any order and we will still find the same answer. We have also explored factors of numbers, making arrays and drawing factor pairs on factor bugs. In literacy we have continued writing our non-chronological report about Earthquakes, writing about the impact of an Earthquake and illustrating an Earthquake magnitude scale. We have discussed the job of a seismologist and researched different Earthquakes from around the world. In History we have looked at how and where the Romans built their roads. We have discussed town plans and tried to plan our own Roman Town. In Art we printed our borders for our final mosaic pictures using repeated patterns and in RE we looked at how incarnation has been depicted in different artworks. We then created our own pictures to express incarnation. 
Friday 26th January 2024
This week in Year 4 we have been looking at patterns in the 3,6 and 9 times tables. The children have reinforced their recall using games and flashcards. We have looked at sorting numbers using a Venn diagram. In literacy we have continued writing our non-chronological reports on Earthquakes. We have compared Earthquakes to a ride in a bumper car and described the actions of the tectonic plates. We have written some super cinquain poems based on Earthquakes and written them in our best handwriting ready to display in class. For guided reading we have been reading all about Tsunamis and what causes them. Thank you to Finley and Ezmay for sharing their love of the Electric guitar and Space. We listened to some informative powerpoints and enjoyed watching Finley play the guitar.  In topic this week we have explored life in Celtic Britain and created a fact poster. On Thursday afternoon with the supply teacher Mr Bowman, the children made some lovely Roman pinch pots.
Friday 19th January 2024
 This week in Year 4 we have continued researching Earthquakes. The class have enjoyed finding out where Earthquakes have occurred and they have looked at the damage that they can cause. We listened to Mr B who told us he was living in Japan when an Earthquake occurred.  We have looked at the different layers of the Earth and started to write sentences for our non-chronological report. We enjoyed Thursday's Speaking Spotlight by Raffy, Sam and Mr B. Mr B is a student teacher who has started with us this week. In maths we have explored the 9x table. We have looked at patterns, tested each other and written fact families. 
In Godrevy we have found out about the Julius Caesar's two attempts to invade Britain, both times being forced to retreat. Then the Roman Emperor Claudius succeeded a 100 years later in 43 CE with an army of 40,000. We looked at what made the army successful and drew our own Roman Soldiers. In art we have practiced printing mosaic borders into our sketch books ready to choose a final one to print next week. We have a super first session in Dance with Clare, starting work on a Roman dance and in RE we looked at the significance of the shamrock by learning the story of Saint Patrick and the Holy Trinity. We explored our own ideas for objects we could use today to explain the Holy Trinity.
Friday 12th January 2024
Happy New Year and welcome back to a new term. I hope you all had a good break. The children have been amazing this week getting right back to it after the Christmas break. In maths we have been working on the 6x table all week. We have recited the facts, played games, looked at fact families and tried solving division problems using the 6x times tables. In literacy, we have written about our Christmas holidays. We have started a new non-fiction unit around the book 'Earth-Shattering Events'. We have discussed the effects on climate change and how we think we can help the country, this was a great lively discussion and the children had lots of ideas. On Thursday the class researched problems that Earthquakes can cause and wrote some facts about what they had discovered. We have also been looking through reading book and collecting reading rewards. Please remind your child to bring their reading book and reading record to school everyday.
In the afternoons Godrevy have started our topic on the Roman Invasion of Britain. We have thought about the terms 'Invader' and 'Settler' and discussed the meanings. We have started to look at Roman Mosaics in art and tried to design our own border patterns. In PE we had fun playing team games and for RE we have started our unit thinking about the Christian faith. We have discussed the term Trinity and what this means to Christians. We have made a stained glass design with the Trinity knot symbol.
Friday 8th December 2023
This week we have been busy in Maths cracking our 3x tables. We have played games including bingo and a fast card game which has really improved the children's recall. The children have had fun making a 3x table fortune teller and tested each other on their recall. In Literacy we have continued reading Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. The children have written descriptions of Mr Wonka and worked on writing conversations between two characters using speech bubbles and moving onto inverted commas. 
Well done to Esme this week for her very informative Speaking Spotlight on 'Woburn Safari Park'. The children really enjoyed looking at the photographs of the animals. Thank you to all those parents who were able to make Parent's evening this week, it was lovely to see so many of you.
In the afternoons, we have been busy learning carols for the end of term service. We have also started making crafts to sell at next week's Christmas Fayre. We had fun in Wild Tribe making scented parcels, whittling sticks and building fires and in topic we have looked at Countries and their Capital Cities.
Friday 1st December
This week in Year 4 we have been completing some end of term tests. The children have been writing character descriptions and have had a spelling text on this term's spellings. They have also been tested on Place Value and Addition and Subtraction. 
In the afternoons Godrevy have been busy hunting for facts about Continents, trying to find the highest mountain and the longest river in each. We have been busy singing Christmas songs ready for Dress the Tree assembly and the end of term carol service in the church. For Wild Tribe this week, we used flint and steel to make fire and went hunting for material to keep our fire going, this will continue next week. The children were very good at pretending to be a stick! IN PSHE with Becki, the children have designed their own learning charters continuing on from last week's lesson.
Friday 24th November 2023
This week in Year 4 we have been continuing our work on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We have created sentences for the Golden Ticket from Willy Wonka, written character descriptions and made up a new character for the story. In maths we have been working on subtraction, trying to use more efficient methods and checking through our answers.
Godrevy spent their Wild Tribe lesson creating Wild houses, making wild tokens with bird seed and drinking hot chocolate! In topic we have used atlases to locate countries around the world and labelled our own world maps. The children were fantastic in this week's yoga session, remembering poses and learning how to make a camel, crocodile and cobra pose. In PSHE we have drawn up our own learning charter for the classroom. In our coding session with Mr Smith, we have tried to run, test and debug our programs. 
Friday 17th November 2023
This week in literacy Year 4  have continued working on our descriptions of Wonka's Chocolate Factory. The children have written their descriptions into a paragraph and edited again if they wanted to. We have also designed the Golden Ticket. In Maths we have continued working on subtraction with exchange. The children have been really good at taking it in turns to teach the method which lots of us are finding really tricky. Its very tempting to swap the top digit with the bottom digit if we can't subtract but we have to remember to steal from the top digit in the next column. It would be really useful if you could ask your child to teach you the method at home. We had our first 'Speaking Spotlight' this week where Corey presented his slideshow about Kennall Vale, super work Corey. Thank you.
In the afternoons, Godrevy have been busy.  In topic this week, we recapped on the continents and looked at different countries. We have been locating some countries near to the UK and learning how to recognise our country on a world map. We had a lovely calm yoga session and with Becki we discussed what a dream school looks like compared to a nightmare school. In our Wild Tribe lesson we plated sycamore seeds, made wild gifts, whittled sticks and made a campfire. 
Friday 10th November 2023
This week in Maths, Year 4 have continued working on addition methods and we have also started on column subtraction. In literacy we have started work on the story 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' by Roald Dahl. The children have written sentences about Charlie and drawn a picture of the factory ready to add a description to next week. We have also spent time in the mornings preparing for this week's Remembrance assembly. The children have worked hard and really thought carefully about the importance of remembering.
In the afternoons, Godrevy have started work on their new topic 'Countries around the World'. They have looked at where the continents are and labelled them on a world map. We had a calm yoga session in the hall on Monday afternoon and the children worked hard to create a range of yoga poses including 'Mountain Pose', 'Warrior Pose' and the 'Downward Dog'. For Wild Tribe this week, we thought about the importance of taking care of our environment, how we can look after it and what we can give back. The children had great fun creating their own 'Wild Token' to take home with them. In PSHE with Becki, the class were looking at lots of different emotions, with a focus on happy, sad and scared.
Friday 3rd November 2023
In maths this week we have moved onto our addition unit. The children have looked at the method for solving column addition with and without exchange. They have taken it in turns to teach each other the method and checked results. In literacy this week we have spent time finding out about World War 1. We have looked at how the war started and the effect it had and continues to have on people across the world. The children have tried to imagine they were in the war and how it might have felt, using the five senses. The children have been very good at discussing wars that continue today. They have also written down why it is important to remember lots of different people at this time and created pictures. We have read the book 'We Will Remember Them' as a stimulus for our lessons.
In the afternoon sessions, Godrevy have created a design for a Christmas card which will be coming home soon. We had our first 'Wild Tribe' lesson outside. We thought about what the word 'Wild' means. The children were great at creating sounds of wildebeest with their wellies. Please remember for next week to wear long sleeved tops and trousers as well as wellies and  waterproofs. On Thursday afternoon the children had their first computing session with Mr Smith on coding. Super teamwork. In Science we have started our topic on Electricity, thinking about safety and beginning to discuss circuits.


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