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Welcome to Gunwalloe Class


Amanda Foster

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Welcome to Gunwalloe Class.

It has been a pleasure to welcome all the new pupils and their families to the school through our 'meet and greet' sessions and other visits for school occasions.



Our Welcome Pack details all the day-to-day information you may require.

The Photo Gallery is full of helpful images of the Gunwalloe team, members of the school staff, and pictures of the inside and outside facilities.

The school's Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Policy includes:

  • The school's vision
  • Aims and principles
  • Planning and organising the curriculum
  • Classroom organisation and resources
  • Use of whole school resources
  • Induction
  • Involving parents
  • Language and literacy supporting the reception child
  • Assessment and record keeping
  • Monitoring and evaluation

The Early Years ELGs and Development Statements introduces parents to the seven areas of learning and development.

A baseline assessment will take place within the first six weeks of entry to school. This information pack is sent out to all parents at the beginning of the year. For more information, see the government website here.


Class information

Hi, my name is Nellie and I am a cuddly blue elephant. .

Every Friday I sneak into a bag in the hopes of joining one of the children for the weekend.  I am a great guest as I am snuggly, quiet and will eat almost anything.  I am partial to biscuits so it is probably best if you hide them up high in a  cupboard.  I travel with few possessions, even though Miss Foster has promised to make me some pyjamas.  If you would like to add something for the next sleepover, I would be very appreciative (ie a toothbrush)

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Yearly Topic webs

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Who am I?

Let's Celebrate

Beep! All Aboard.

Let's Dig It!

Animals - from tall to short

Children's Choice

Weekly celebration certificates - Spring Term 1

POW       Isla                                            Hope - Peony                         

POW       Ollie H                                      Hope - Holly

POW       Jayden                                     Positivity -  Finn

 POW      Obie                                        Positivity - Jowan

 POW      Jowan                                      Patience - Hugo

POW       Gil                                            Patience - Lola

POW       Will GB                                    Empathy - Eddie

Weekly blog

1st March
It has been a 'jam packed' week full of fun in Gunwalloe with lots of new learning.  Our topic this term is 'Let's Dig It!' and we have got off to a great start with stories such as 'Sticky Jam', 'Oliver's Garden' and 'Harvey the Gardener'.  The children have had fun learning about where their sugar comes from, making jam sandwiches, halving, writing instructions and investigating how potatoes, sugar snap peas and beans grow - lots more work on these next week. In phonics we have been practising reading and writing words with ch, sh, th, ng, ai, ee, igh and oa in them and in craft/art/DT we have been creating junk models and potato printing.  Handwriting has become a focus and letter formation is practised weekly - check out Gunwalloe Cllass webpage for how we write our letters.
23rd February 2023
This week in Gunwalloe we have started our new topic 'Let's Dig It!'.  We started the week by reading 'Oliver's vegetables' and talked about how plants grow from seeds.  We discussed vegetables we like and how they can help keep us healthy.  Next we read 'Sticky Jam'- a great book about the process of sugar - from a cane field, through factories until it reaches our shops. We will continue to read this book as we plan ahead for sanwich making next week.  In maths we have been working with the numbers 11-20.  We have sequenced these numbers and have started to recognise the pattern in the number sequence.  In phonics we have revisited all previous phonemes before working on the 'oa' sound in writing and letter formation has become a priority as all the children are working hard to become independent writers.
8th February 2023
This week in Gunwalloe we have been learning about planes.  The children have all made their own paper aeroplanes and investigated how far they could throw them.  Mrs Ayres was sure her plane would fly the furthest but unfortunately hers did not.  In Maths we have been taking a closer look at how to count on from a given number, very tricky.  In order for the children to get the idea of how this works we used a numberline, a great  resource for visually seeing what is happening.  We then used our shoulders to place the first number on before counting on.  In phonics the children have been amazing at writing words with known sounds in them and listening to the children read this week has been a pleasure.  After reading a story about children role playing as fire fighters we discussed what they would like to be.  It was great to hear them talk about the job that they would like when they get older and what that job would entail.
1st February 2024
This week in Gunwalloe we have been learning about boats.  The children watched a boat powerpoint and discussed boats they had knowledge of, including what they are made from and where they go.  In Literacy we recalled the story of Toot and Pop and wrote a sentence using a capital letter and full stop.  In Maths we created a bus from chairs on our carpet and played a bus addition and subtraction game.  This was followed up by using the table top bus activity resources independently.  In Art we have been learning to draw a pirate ship with Mrs Ayres and created maps with Miss Foster using the compass points North, South, East and West.  Finally this week, we have investigated objects that float or sink, continued our junk model creations and used a variety of tools and techniques to make vehicles from playdough.
26th January 2024
This week in Gunwalloe we have been learning about the three Rs and how we can help our environment by recycling our household waste.  We looked closely at objects with the recycle symbol on them, we sorted items into recycle bags and recorded our sorting using a recycling lorry picture.  The children then learnt about the impact of rubbish on our World.  We discussed the harm litter has on animals, habitats and a variety of environments whist learning about reducing our waste when shopping, recycling using the recycling lorries, reusing items or sending items that can be reused to charity shops.  In maths we have been practising adding using resources and in phonics we have continued to look at ch, sh, th, ng.
19th January 2023
We have had an amazing week learning about trains.  First we discussed our topic 'Beep, Beep, All Aboard', and how transport takes us from one place to another.  We logged onto the internet and found out about a man named Richard Trevithick who invented the steam locomotive in 1802.  We then watched a video of a replica steam locomotive in motion and learnt a song about how the locomotive works, you can find the song on our Class Dojo page.  We followed this up by creating train addition sums, drawing a train and practising our sounds of the week ch,sh,th,ng, all these sounds can be found in our train.  Finally this week we have started to collect resources to make our model vehicles and played games with our train track, engines and carriages before labelling a picture of a train.
12th January 2024
A great first week back in school after our Christmas break.  The children have written their news, worked with the number six, revisited all their phonemes and have discussed the topic this term - Beep,Beep, All Aboard!  We have started the topic by discussing what types of vehicles the children can name and describe.  We have looked at vehicle sounds by playing a sound game and have used our phonics to label vehicles that we talked about.  In PE, Mr Potts has been playing a pirate treasure game and the children have been following tricky instructions.
Bug Club - sequence of learning in Reception
Bug Club Phonics Classroom Resources
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