School Council 

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Pupil Council:

Pupil council will meet  with Mr. Illsley to discuss ideas, decide on the most effective ways to change and improve the school and then talk to the people who can help to make it happen.

Pupil council will  regularly share news and information about new initiatives and the important things which are achieved.

Together we can help Stithians School to continue to grow and succeed.



1. To allow the children at Stithians CP  School have a voice

2. To help the school and community be a better place

3. To help to improve learning in the school

4. To raise funds for the school



Pupil council will be made up of representatives from years 1 – 6.

Each class will elect two representatives who attends meetings and gives feedback.



Elections will be run without prejudice or discrimination.

Any class member is entitled to run for Pupil council and the decision in each class will be made by a secret ballot.

school council

The Pupil Council Rules are as follows:

All Pupil Council members must:

  • be respectful and listen to others
  • contribute or participate actively in meetings
  • follow the school rules and be role models to other pupils
  • model good behaviour at all times
  • be polite and courteous to others
  • not refer to specific individuals or groups during discussions
  • use their position on Pupil Council to support and develop their school and peers and not abuse this position in any way



Meetings will be called as and when necessary.


what makes a good councillor