Adverse Weather Procedure

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Please find below our procedure with regard to school being closed due to adverse weather conditions.

In adverse weather conditions we have to undertake a continual risk assessment.  Our priority is to ensure that children within our care are kept safe and warm.  We also have to consider whether it is feasible for children to remain in school and look at both actual and potential hazards.  In adverse weather:

·         If in doubt – telephone the school to check that we are open before you bring children in.  As long as a member of staff is able to get to school the phone will be answered.

·         If we are not able to open – we will email all parents that are on our emailing list to advise them as early in the morning as possible - if you would like to be added to this list, please email and you will be added to the mailing list.  We will also put a notice of school closure on the home page of our website

·         Radio Cornwall, Heart F.M. and Pirate F.M. will provide details of schools that are closed throughout the morning. We will ensure that we contact these stations as early as possible.

·         If we are open and during the day the weather should worsen, please feel free to telephone and either check on our situation, or arrange for your child to be collected early.  Please also ensure that we have all relevant contact numbers for you in case we need to close.Hopefully this will not be needed but we must make sure that procedures are in place for this eventuality.  We have also put an easy to use procedure on our school website.