Exciting Writing

Stithians School aims:writing.jpg

  •     To motivate all children to become confident writers
  •     To allow children and parents to see, read and value their writing
  •     To engage and stretch more able writers
  •     To turn pupils into published authors
  •     To engage more closely with parents and carers
  •     To showcase the pupils' talents
  •     To make writing ridiculously exciting!

Children adore having their writing shared and celebrated. We aim to enable writing to be shared with families, friends and a wider audience.

To achieve this aim we plan to publish, on our website, the nominated weekly 'Exciting Writers'.

Pupils - will have their achievements and skills showcased - total inspiration!

Teachers - will see a huge increase in motivation in their pupils and will gain a tool which stimulates dialogue between teacher, pupil and family.

Parents and Carers - will gain a unique window into their child’s learning journey, with the opportunity to engage with teaching staff and to contribute actively to their child’s development.

How this will work writing

  1.  The school will upload 5 pieces of work per week onto our school website.
  2.  We will hold a weekly celebration assembly of work uploaded and displayed in the school hall for all to see.
  3.  Notification of the week's 'Exciting Writing' five will be placed on the weekly newsletter.

Parents and carers are encouraged to engage with their child's writing by simply viewing and motivating their child to write.
Through viewing Exciting Writing, you can have a significant impact on your child’s writing. Just by spending a few minutes reading their work and talking to them about it will have a real impact on your child’s confidence, self-belief and motivation to write.