E-Safety at Stithians School

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E-safety Policy

Stithians School would like to inform all parents and carers of a safeguarding issue that has been brought to our attention.

Musically is an app on itunes which allows children to record songs and make and upload videos.  Although this app appears fun and entertaining for children it can place them at risk.  It has been brought to our attention, by another local school, that some of the images/videos being uploaded have been and are being accessed by an older man, who is interested in and targeting girls aged 8-10.


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Here at Stithians School we are enthusiastic about promoting and teaching E safety skills to our children and their parents or carers.

As we are all aware technology is becoming much more a part of everyday life and we feel it is our aim and responsibility to educate our children, parents or carers to use the internet in a responsible way, but more importantly to keep them safe while they are online.

The internet can be a fantastic place for children and young people where they can talk to friends, be creative and have fun. However, just like in the real world sometimes things can go wrong.

If you or your child are worried or upset about something which has happened on the internet there is help out there.


Some of the sites below may help make online parenting easier.


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Online Safety - What children do online and on social networks, the risks and dangers they face, plus top 10 tips for parents on keeping children safe online.

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