Stithians Community Primary School Ethos and Vision

The school's governors are responsible for ensuring the school has a clear ethos, vision and strategic direction.  In order to do this we have adopted an ethos which will guide all strategy and activity in the school.  We have developed this ethos in consultation with the Senior Leadership Team and have consulted on it with the staff, children, parents and wider community.

Our ethos is to develop:

·        Inspiration

·        Understanding

·        Value

·        Responsibility


Our vision, strategy and actions will be guided by our ethos. Being motivated and guided by our ethos means that we will achieve a greater sense of meaning in our school life.


Our school vision for the next three to five years is:

Inspiration: We will ensure our teaching inspires our children to learn and create positive relationships that will last lifetimes.

·        We will use recruitment and development opportunities to build inspirational teaching. 

·        We will create an inspiring, broad and balanced curriculum across the school to embed motivation and ambition for life-long learning. 

We will measure this through surveys and engagement with the curriculum.

Understanding: Our children will build their understanding of their local place and environment, and their impact on the wider world. 

·        At our school children will learn how they can improve their lives and make a difference in the world.

We will measure this by looking at how our Pupil Voice develops over this time.

Value: Every individual in our school community is valued for who they are and shows that they value each other. 

·        We will celebrate children's and staff achievements and develop a tangible way in which we can demonstrate appreciation of their efforts.

We will measure this by talking to groups of children, staff retention levels and staff well-being survey

Responsibility: We will encourage responsible learning.

·        Children will be encouraged to be resilient in their learning, to take responsibility for their efforts; to be ambitious and to achieve their potential regardless of starting point.

·        Staff will take responsibility for providing excellent teaching across the whole curriculum.

We will measure this by monitoring progress against national targets


Our vision feeds into our School Development Plan which will provide the strategy and activities to achieve the vision.

Our Aims

At Stithians School we strive:StithiansLogo.jpg

  • For quality Teaching and Learning where we aim for all pupils to reach their full potential.
  • To create a stimulating environment where learning and development is intellectual, practical and interactive.
  • To deliver the National Curriculum which enables and encourages the development of knowledge and skills.
  • To offer opportunities for parents, carers and the wider community.
  • To foster and nurture moral values, sensitivity, courtesy, respect and understanding of a range of relationships.
  • To encourage positive attitudes within and beyond the wider school community.
  • To develop a good understanding of a range of religions and cultural diversity.


Statement of Values and Ethos of Stithians C P School

Stithians C P School is a partnership between students, staff, parents and Governors who seek to create within the School and the community an educational environment in which the strengths and potential of all are realised; the needs of individuals are respected and high expectations are achieved and that ultimately the children enjoy their time in our school. We believe that it is very important that the feeling and atmosphere of the school is welcoming as well as one of caring and sharing.

We seek to:

To recognise and value the contribution of every member of the school community.

To maintain the tradition of achievement and academic excellence to the best of our individual’s ability.

To foster a community in which good mutual communications are promoted and in which, through pastoral care, all students achieve self-esteem and an appreciation of others with a sense of responsibility for their environment.

To provide a broad range of extra-curricular activities that give opportunities for all to develop individual interests and skills.

To encourage an understanding of other people’s lives and cultures within our own communities, and to give the children a wider global awareness, to this end we have forged links with a school in Sierra Leone.

To encourage a happy, well-motivated staff to work effectively and successfully through good leadership, efficient structures and the provision of resources.